Since the beginning of time, men have been concerned about penis enlargement. There is actual evidence that exists found in cave paintings created by cavemen, sometime around 440 BC, depicting penis enlargement. Clearly penis enlargement is not only something that men today are concerned with, but something that has concerned men for ages.

Taking a look at history, we see that the penis has been something that we as humans have long been infatuated with, and have even worshiped in some cultures. Societies have created monuments and sculptures to honor this incredible and powerful organ. For example, Priapus, the ancient Greek God of sex and fertility, was depicted in sculptures as having a massively enlarged penis. Also, the Egyptian God Min was often portrayed as a human man with a very large erection, symbolizing fertility. That being said, it is no wonder men would want to make their own penises larger and more powerful, and why women would want a man with a larger penis.

How Did They Do It?

So how did these men manage to enlarge their penises without any of today’s modern advancements? In today’s society, we have taken the world of penis enlargement to great lengths and have many tools and ways to achieve a larger penis. Earlier in history, however, men had to resort to some techniques for penis enlargement that, if done incorrectly, could be dangerous and painful. The most common was a technique called stretching. This technique involved hanging a weight from the phallus in an effort to lengthen their penis.

Another technique, thought to originate in Arabic cultures, is called jelqing. Jelqing is the “milking” of the penis, in order to increase its size. It is said that Middle Eastern fathers would teach their sons this technique in order to properly prepare them for relationships. Jelqing is still used as a penis enlargement technique today and done either manually or by use of a jelqing device.

Overall, the lesson to be learned is that size matters, no matter what time in history you are in. A man with a large penis hands down is just hotter and more pleasurable to take to the bedroom. Therefore, men will forever want to make their penises larger and impress their partners with their sexual skills and breathtaking size.